Nadia Danielle

Singer. Songwriter. Creator.


       I sing, I write & create songs/music, but most of all I'm human-only human. I mean many different things to different people (and vice versa). I have so many dreams and can feel so many things all at once. I am everything and nothing, all at the same time. I am here to serve a purpose; to live & be my truest, authentic self and to be a functioning part of something greater than you or me- this I take seriously with every breath, word, move that I make or take.

   I make music because it's one of things I love most about this world & I know I'm not alone, not the only one, and I have something to share. It is the way I know how to communicate best. I make music out of my expression of love, gratitude of life, and a desire to share all of those things with the world.  The Solitude EP was created because I believe in the power & preciousness of time spent alone (w/o self-sabotage or isolation) to reconnect, recharge, recollect/re-source oneself in efforts to work towards being a better/best version of who or what we are- something that took me a long while to learn. Another reason is because the songs in this EP are those I've always wanted to manifest and share with whoever needs to hear or feel the content of the music. I felt the need to complete this, before I move on to my next project...I wrote these songs, more or less, during my own time(s) alone and I hope they can help anyone else work through on their own path or story to tell...or to even serve as a light.

With Love,

Nadia Danielle