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I Am More Than Sound...(2006)

That's how the riddle started...

I liked it so much that I named it for my very first (recorded) collection of musical work (I forgot how the riddle goes lol).

In 2006, my musical partner, Brian Mason & I released an LP of music we had been working on for most of 2005. Somewhere between March and early April of '06, we printed and self-manufactured about 100 copies of the LP (it was so cute! Lol), for suggested donations. I no longer have a physical copy of the cd (except for the friends & family who may still have a random copy-who uses CDs anymore?!), but you know when you come across random things of technology that you used from years back (like a USB stick), who knows what random ancient treasures of yours you may find! And mine was/is I Am More Than Sound, my very first LP featuring friends of that time (Sereeta Villani, Nathan Maharaj, Maurice Jack, Tamika Gilmore, Glenn Arias, & Zawadi Noel- Thank You!), that contributed to my forever treasured wonder-piece.

I decided to include it on my website because, why not?! And so that I have it somewhere, where I'll always find it...who knows, I may even "revisit" the album again someday :)

Good Friday Everyone!!

With Immense & Intense Love & Gratitude,


P.S...Pics below

Photo credit: Sereeta Villani