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Live at Sidewalk Cafe 10/27: Nadia Danielle presents Venus In Retrograde EP

Hey Interverse...It's me Nadia! ;)

Guitarist Adam Pellegrini & I will be performing our EP, Venus In Retrograde + a few extra goodies, tomorrow (10/27/15) at Sidewalk Cafe in NYC!! Sorry for updating this later in the game but I've been busy with life and getting some more shows/promotion! So if you're reading this prior to 10/27/15 at 7pm, get your butt down to the LES and catch us at Sidewalk Cafe!! More details in the shows/events section of this site. 

Much love to you!

With excitement and (positive) nerves lol,


PS..We'll also be at The Bitter End on 11/8/15 at 7:30pm, so if you would like $5 advance tickets please email me at! 

And here's a little practice clip: