Nadia Danielle

Singer. Songwriter. Creator.

Venus In Retrograde

  If it were up to me, I'd probably sit on a mountain of music and guard its contents for the rest of my life-but there's no fun in that! So I decided that I no longer wanted to wait for the perfect time or perfect way and just let go...That's mainly how I came about making the EP, Venus In Retrograde.

  Sometime during the winter of 2015 (not too long ago), I asked my friend (and coworker), Adam Pellegrini, to play a song on the guitar he was playing. He asked me what I wanted to hear and I replied "...anything." What he played eventually became the first song written for the Venus In Retrograde EP,  titled "Anything". Over the several months that followed, we continued to write a few more songs-turning what was a whimsical moment into a conceptual-acoustic EP, that ironically suits the current astrological/planetary climate. 

  Like the idea that there's a "communication breakdown" or confusion when Mercury goes into retrograde, when Venus goes into retrograde a similar idea implies but mainly in the Love & Romance department . As I continued to write the lyrics for the songs, I noticed they had a common theme, reflection on love: past, present & future. Throughout working on this project I wanted to stay present for a I named it Venus In Retrograde, days before I found out that Venus was actually going into retrograde-for 40 days (haha, talk about being present). 

  I'm excited about finally putting up new songs, updating my website, and eventually playing the music live for people to hear & enjoy. I'd like to thank Adam Pellegrini for being an awesome partner in this project and Amadella Clarke (also awesome), for helping me update my bio. I'd also like to thank all those who've inspired and supported me over the past few years: from the random people I've met on the street, to the influx of people at my current job, past loves & lovers, to close friends and family who keep me in check-and thank you too, if you've read this far!

At the moment, I've posted two singles from the EP on this site & SoundCloud, but stay tuned for it in full :)

With Lots of Love,


P.S..."Google" Venus in Retrograde ;)