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       I sing, I write & create songs/music, but most of all I'm human-only human. I mean many different things to different people (and vice versa). I have so many dreams and can feel so many things all at once. I am everything and nothing, all at the same time. I am here to serve a purpose; to live & be my truest, authentic self and to be a functioning part of something greater than you or me- this I take seriously with every breath, word, move that I make or take.

   I make music because it's one of things I love most about this world & I know I'm not alone, not the only one, and I have something to share. It is the way I know how to communicate best. I make music out of my expression of love, gratitude of life, and a desire to share all of those things with the world.  The Solitude EP was created because I believe in the power & preciousness of time spent alone (w/o self-sabotage or isolation) to reconnect, recharge, recollect/re-source oneself in efforts to work towards being a better/best version of who or what we are- something that took me a long while to learn. Another reason is because the songs in this EP are those I've always wanted to manifest and share with whoever needs to hear or feel the content of the music. I felt the need to complete this, before I move on to my next project...I wrote these songs, more or less, during my own time(s) alone and I hope they can help anyone else work through on their own path or story to tell...or to even serve as a light.

With Love,

Nadia Danielle

December 9th, 2016

Over the past several months I've been heading back & forth to NYC to finally complete and see a set of songs I've written in the past, finally come to life.

On December 9th, I'll finally share these songs I've held with me over the years...


Available on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, etc. - on December 9, 2016! 

 Photo credit: @SayWordStaz

Photo credit: @SayWordStaz

With light, love, gratitude, and release 🙏🏾,

ND 💜

Another Black Life Lost

Another Black male was shot today...

Number 194 so far, this year.

A friend,

A cousin,

An uncle,

A father,

A husband,

A brother,

A son, 

A human being.


It hurts when it seems another incident, innocently enough, goes awry-

Usually between two opposing colors of skin, and two opposing wears of garb.

Why? Why again?

Haven't the past few months taught us anything?

But yet again another man is taken down- a life taken abruptly and brutally away.


What seems so preventable is another "mishap", another head shake, another sunken face.

What do we have to do to stop this?

Most of the men killed during a "regular" police stop are now looked at as "shoot to kill"

And are of Black kin.

We are NOT safe.


Another kind of man went out into the world today,

Intentionally plotted to harm ANYONE he could, just for an extreme belief sake,

And that man, though found red-handed of his malicious crime, made it out alive-

Got to see tomorrow after a gunfight under the same law.

He will get his due process, see his day in court, speak his defense-tell his side of the story.

But the Black man? He will not. Where is his voice, when he is guilty until shot?

We are NOT safe.


Another Black man was shot & killed by another law enforcer today...

Another picture,

Another video, 

Another meme,

Another hashtag & a post,


Another t-shirt,

Another funeral,

Another memory...

Another Black life lost.


I wrote this on 9/21/16 after hearing & seeing another unfortunate incident between the police & a Black civilian of this country. This comes after a few short months (and maybe even days or weeks, for the situations that don't make the news), of what seems now like an endless string of incidents where Black men (and women), were killed unjustly by law enforcement agency. I could not express the extreme disappointment I had in the U.S law enforcement & justice system on that day, and the fear I have for so many of my brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, sons, daughters, & even for myself, in this country right now. I hope that we all can move upward & cooperatively towards reform and hopefully some sort of social change.

Always with love,

Nadia Danielle

For Jav

Back in 2007, I met a young man (at the time) who was so magnetic, full of life, energy, and most of all love. I've never met anyone quite like him, especially among the musicians/artists in the competitive, egotistically, & at most times, selfish music scene in NYC (at that time-pretty sure it's still the same today). I met him at the Pyramid Club (not sure if it's still around-hope so-it's legendary), he was in his band Velestra, and I was filling in a spot for a couple of guys that eventually became my band mates. Long story short, our bands became friends, at the time, booking show together-on the same bill. 2008-2009 was awesome and I'll never forget it. We all used to play at the infamous Lucky Cheng's Fortune Cookie Lounge a lot and as he put it, those were "great times" -he was everyone's biggest fan. Then, as both of the bands we were in broke apart, he and I fell out of touch. His favorite spot to eat/drink was at Dallas BBQ and he always would remind me that we had to go on a BBQ's date lol. 

On March 25th 2016, he went missing and was found about 8 days later in the Hudson River near the Bronx. It was truly a shock and a heartbreak for everyone who knew him (or even knew of him). My heart continues to go out to his family, friends, and most of all his 4 year-old daughter.

Sometimes I have dreams about people who have passed on (most of whom I had known), and they pass on messages or just literally visit in my dreams. When Jav was found, for days, weeks I kept wondering "what happened?". No one knew who, what, why or most importantly, how. It used to bug me but as time went by, my mind came to some sort of peace on this subject.

Then this morning, earlier today I had this dream:

       He seemed so happy, at such serene peace...his laugh, just how I remembered before...He looked extremely youthful though- his face, smoother than a baby's bottom, his cheeks full & chubby. He said " You wanna know what happened? Ok, I'll tell you what happened." Then he told me the full story, laughing and smiling along the way...He mentioned his daughter but it's so irritating that as I went onto other sequences, as soon as I woke up, I couldn't remember a word that he said...Anyway, he seemed to be in such sweet bliss- true nirvana. 

I wish our last convo didn't have to be this way...but it was truly an honor.

                            Para Javier Horta, Para Siempre





I Am More Than Sound...(2006)

That's how the riddle started...

I liked it so much that I named it for my very first (recorded) collection of musical work (I forgot how the riddle goes lol).

In 2006, my musical partner, Brian Mason & I released an LP of music we had been working on for most of 2005. Somewhere between March and early April of '06, we printed and self-manufactured about 100 copies of the LP (it was so cute! Lol), for suggested donations. I no longer have a physical copy of the cd (except for the friends & family who may still have a random copy-who uses CDs anymore?!), but you know when you come across random things of technology that you used from years back (like a USB stick), who knows what random ancient treasures of yours you may find! And mine was/is I Am More Than Sound, my very first LP featuring friends of that time (Sereeta Villani, Nathan Maharaj, Maurice Jack, Tamika Gilmore, Glenn Arias, & Zawadi Noel- Thank You!), that contributed to my forever treasured wonder-piece.

I decided to include it on my website because, why not?! And so that I have it somewhere, where I'll always find it...who knows, I may even "revisit" the album again someday :)

Good Friday Everyone!!

With Immense & Intense Love & Gratitude,


P.S...Pics below

Photo credit: Sereeta Villani