Nadia Danielle

Singer. Songwriter. Creator.


 I was born in NYC. In a sense, I was written and produced by the concrete jungle, yet my influences are boundless. I am Nadia Danielle: Singer, Songwriter, Creator.  An eclectic sound constantly shaping & redefining itself.  My music, like my spirit, is limitless.

      In 2006, I wrote and co-produced my first album entitled, I Am More Than Sound. The title captures the essence of my work—music to awaken the vibrations of the soul.  I have performed in multiple venues across NYC. I was the front-woman & co-founder of alternative bands, FreeEra in 2007 and The Sunday Belts in 2010. I've also released two solo EPs: Venus in Retrograde (2015) & Solitude (2016).  I love music of all kinds and I immensely enjoy creating it. Whether at a high point or a low point, fast or slow, music takes us for a spin.  I want to take my listeners on a journey, where songs are like roller coasters—we seek the thrill of the ride. 

As music has the ability to carry on through the test of time, many legendary artists, styles, and genres such as rhythm & blues, jazz, rock, and alternatives are some of my major musical influences.  The sun, moon, & stars also inspire me and I aspire to translate its essence, along with the beauty of life, into song.  

I'm currently creating music from the depths & realms of my soul, and I can't wait to share it with you!

                 With Much Love & Gratitude,



Photographer: SayWordStaz